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Welcome to Seisen University’s website.

This website is intended to offer basic information regarding Seisen University to people, especially those from overseas, who are interested in knowing about the university.

Seisen is an independent university in Tokyo founded by the Catholic congregation of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for the purpose of providing higher education to women within the framework of the liberal arts. With Christian humanism as its spiritual background, Seisen believes in the importance of the liberal arts for developing wide and sound perspectives among its students. This is especially important in an age when globalization is accelerating while academic boundaries are often being narrowed and compartmentalized. Seisen aims to develop students’ capabilities to their highest, with a personal and at-home ambiance which only a small-size university like Seisen can offer. We are proud that every year many Seisen graduates are contributing to society, both in Japan and overseas.

The undergraduate program at Seisen accepts only women, but the graduate programs for MA and PhD degrees accept both men and women.