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Mission Statement & Goals

The educational ideals of Seisen University are based on the principles of Christian humanism. Believing that we are created with dignity, we are committed to developing genuine wisdom through education, independence, and self-awareness, as well as love and respect for the humanity of others, in order to realize the true value of each person and the world.

According our motto Veritas et Caritas, Seisen provides quality education to achieve the following goals:


1. The seeking of universal truth through academic studies, enhancing awareness of humanity, human relations, the relationships between human beings and the environment, and respect toward different cultures and characteristics.
2. The formation of independent character, enabling students to study and face real issues with the ability to think, judge, express, and act.
3. The education of respectable members of human society who can value and respect the humanity of ourselves and others, through having the love of humanity.


The events following the great earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011 have brought us renewed calls to meet the difficult challenges of our times. This has reaffirmed and strengthened Seisen’s mission to educate women of genuine wisdom who can serve the needs of society. We believe that Seisen graduates will work to strengthen both local communities at home and the wider global network of understanding and cooperation among all people, countries, and cultures throughout the world.