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Department of English Language and Literature

The Department of English Language and Literature offers a balanced curriculum of classes in English language skills and specialized courses in linguistics, literature, education, culture, and translation. Class sizes are small and student-faculty relationships are friendly. Some classes are taught in English by native speakers.


A variety of special activities and events help to strengthen students’ practical English language skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. These include drama and musical productions in English, public speaking and dictation contests, a “reading marathon” program, and opportunities to hear special lectures by visiting artists and scholars. Overseas intensive English language study programs are offered at universities in England, Canada, and Australia during the spring and summer breaks.

Offerings in linguistics include courses in phonetics, sociolinguistics, morphology, pragmatics, discourse analysis, and the history of English.

Literature courses cover a range of British, American, and children’s English literature. A course on environmental literature is also offered.
Courses are offered in teaching English as a foreign language at Japanese secondary schools.

Intercultural communications classes help students to understand culture, intercultural relationships, and communication.

Translation courses help to deepen students’ understanding of both the English and Japanese languages, as well as their appreciation of literature.


Juniors and seniors in the undergraduate program participate in small seminar groups, leading to the writing of a graduation report or a longer thesis, in either Japanese or English, under the guidance of a faculty mentor.