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Department of Global Citizenship Studies

The Department of Global Citizenship Studies, which was established as the first department in Japan to specialize in global citizenship studies, aims to educate women who have global perspectives and can think as genuine global citizens.


The department puts emphasis on understanding various societies and cultures in the world and on developing ideas for realizing a society of multicultural coexistence in Japan. In order to realize this mission, the faculty members of the department, who have diverse academic and occupational backgrounds, make every effort to provide abundant knowledge on the contemporary globalized world, as well as to help students acquire English competency. The students are required to cultivate their abilities to clarify problem areas and to solve the problems constructively through their hard studies in well-planned curricula.
The main three strands of our curricula are 1) Global Society, 2) Multi-Cultural Understanding, and 3) Fieldwork. In the Fieldwork Course, the students are required to join in international or domestic study tours, well planned by themselves and with the assistance of faculty members. This provides rich experiences to study and work in Japan and abroad. It also gives the students excellent occasions to deepen their understanding of different cultures and languages, as well as to develop good skills of communication with other peoples in the world.


In the past, many students have joined in fieldwork programs conducted in Japan and other countries of Asia (such as the Philippines and India), Africa (such as Malawi), the US (Native American Reservation), and Europe. After finishing various surveys and interviews, the students are required to write reports about their research outcomes, which are usually published in both Japanese and English.
Their fieldwork studies bring the students great success, based on their strong foundation in learning the appropriate theories and skills needed for conducting their surveys. In the classes they are also required to develop skills to present their research findings and analyses before an audience. Their academic training is very useful in their workplaces after graduation from the university. The students also have a chance to obtain a teaching qualification for junior or senior high schools.

Due to the above unique characteristics, the department welcomes Japanese and international students who wish to have experiences working or studying abroad after completing our various programs.