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Master's Program in Global Citizenship Studies

The MA Program for Global Citizenship Studies is designed for people who “think globally and act locally.” It has an innovative, yet logical and realistic approach. The program offers an excellent opportunity for women as well as men who have finished an undergraduate course at university and wish to further their academic pursuits in studies on global citizenship and other global issues such as management of conflict, global politics, and international migration.
To meet the needs of graduate students who work on weekdays, the courses are usually offered in the evenings (after 6 pm) from Monday to Friday, as well as on Saturday mornings and afternoons.
The program has a wide range of course offerings. Compulsory subjects are the Seminar on Global Citizenship Studies and Various Aspects of Global Citizenship Studies. Optional courses are composed of subjects related to global society and the understanding of multiple cultures, as well as Fieldwork. Research areas for conducting Fieldwork include Asia, Africa and the US.
Students are required to complete at least 32 credits and to write an MA thesis that passes a review conducted by scholars and professionals in the field. Even working students are able to complete all the requirements in two years.
The graduates who obtain an MA in Global Citizenship Studies are expected to work in Japan and/or abroad as professionals who are equipped with wide-range knowledge, global perceptions, and practical language skills.
The department also offers the Certificate Program for Global Citizenship Studies. The students registered in this program are required to complete three subjects (12 credits) composed of one compulsory subject (Various Aspects of Global Citizenship Studies) and two optional subjects. They are given a Certificate for Global Citizenship Studies. This certificate guarantees 10 credits that can be used if they enter the MA course, and that can be used to complete other studies higher than the Bachelor Course.