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Seisen University Library

At present, the Seisen University Library possesses 320,000 books in total, covering a wide range of academic sources, including above all, valuable books such as its collection of Japanese literature and history, and rare books from Spain and Latin America. In fact, 40% of the collection is from foreign countries, and 40% of those books are in the Spanish language, reflecting the historical connection of the university with Spain.


In addition, electronic journals, and online databases in three languages including Japanese, English and Spanish, are accessible to students through the computer network within the university. The library staff is ready to assist students by offering personal guidance for better utilizing our services, including searching for reference materials necessary for their reports and thesis.

Information Technology Center (ITC)

The ITC establishes IT-related environments for the students at Seisen, and takes care of all computer-related needs on campus, including the Internet, networks, and so forth. There are Information Science Rooms where students learn about computers and information science, and CALL Rooms for language classes using computers.

Information Science Rooms

Upon enrollment, all students are registered as users of the network and can use e-mail and the Internet freely, which helps students in their career planning, seeking employment, and extra-curricular activities. Assistance by staff is available at all times.


CALL Rooms

CALL stands for Computer Assisted Language Learning. The CALL room has an interpreter booth equipped with all the necessary equipment for simultaneous interpreting. It is similar to actual booths used for international conferences. Students experience the simultaneous interpreting of actual meetings and presentations.


Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is staffed with healthcare professionals and counselors to support students for physical and mental health. The services include annual health check-ups, medical and health consultations, and first aid, counseling in mental health, career planning, human relations, and so forth. We also assist in academic matters such as report writing, registration for courses, and so forth.


International Center

The purpose of International Center is to promote international exchanges of students, especially with partner universities. It assists students at Seisen who plan to study abroad for both long and short periods of time. It gives helping hands to the inbound students, both regular and exchange, to ensure that they have a satisfactory life at Seisen and in Japan. It also organizes various international programs, including short-term Japanese Language and Culture classes for overseas students who study Japanese.


Catholic Center

The Catholic Center is established to enhance the mission of Seisen in education; “Veritas and Caritas” (seeking truth and realizing love in human services). The center provides information on Catholicism, coordinates religious events at the university and offers opportunities for students to search for spiritual life and embrace faith. It also provides opportunities to participate in charitable and volunteer activities.


Volunteer Learning Center

The Volunteer Learning Center was established in 2006 to support students’ voluntary activities and, through those activities, to develop their understanding of the University’s motto, “Veritas and Caritas” (seeking truth and realizing love in human services). The Center introduces volunteer opportunities both within and outside the University, and it works with networks of official volunteer organizations in the community.


Seisen University also has many internal organizations for social service activities. These include organizations concerned with global issues such as: refugee problems; human rights protection; peace-building efforts; environmental problems; trade imbalance; and the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster relief services, as well as those related to local issues such as local community problems. The Center supports the development of students’ identity through voluntary activities by encouraging them to “Think globally and act locally”.

Student Cafeterias and Hall

There are two cafeterias on campus; Rafaela Hall for meals, and Seisen Cafe for tea, coffee, and sweets. Seisen Cafe is managed by Seisen graduates and the space is used by students for socialization. The Student Hall is also available for meetings and discussions.


Rafaela Shop

Rafaela Shop is a small convenient store on campus.   It sells stationery, books, drinks, snacks, and also medals and rosaries.  Shop staff are alumnae of Seisen.



Situated in the main building, the chapel offers a quiet place for prayers and meditation. Masses for students take place every two weeks, and beautiful songs by the student choir are heard.