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Research Institutes

Research Institute for Cultural Studies

The Seisen Research Institute for Cultural Studies was established in 1978 by the members of the faculty in order to promote an interdisciplinary approach to the study of human culture and to facilitate the exchange of information about recent developments in respective fields. The institute issues an annual academic bulletin and a general culture magazine, Seisen Bun-en, contributions to which are open to faculty members, staff, students and graduates.

Since 1983, the Institute has sponsored a series of public lectures six times a year called "The Saturday Liberal Arts College" in which members of the faculty deliver lectures on topics in their fields. The institute has thus assumed the role of an open community college.

Research Institute for Christian Culture

In 1992 the Seisen Research Institute for Christian Culture was founded to promote (1) the study of Christian Culture from an historical perspective, (2) to facilitate exploratory research for the development of Christians. The institute sponsors public lectures three times a year as well as special research groups which meet monthly on such themes as Christian thought and contemporary Christian theology. In addition, it publishes an annual report on its research activities.

Research Institute for Language Education

Seisen University over its fifty years of college level education has built a strong reputation in striving for quality language teaching and this has been shown in the many graduates who have successfully pursued careers based on their language skills, especially in English, Spanish and Japanese. These careers include teaching, interpreting and translating, business careers, social services and welfare and work in human relations, all requiring communication skills based on their language abilities.

With the continuing rapid development in Japanese society, tremendous increase in international contacts, and changes in today's world Seisen continues to assess its curriculum goals and the appropriate teaching of language and communication skills. This requires dedicated research to support effective language teaching and learning. Seisen, by tradition, has sought to encourage the study of many languages which reflect the cultural and spiritual strength of our modern world, creating a RAINBOW of many harmonious colors. While the end of the rainbow may be over the horizon, the path we walk along can be made smoother through cooperative research both within the university and outward reaching relationships.