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Classes in Japanese as a Second Language 

Seisen provides four classes of Japanese as a Second Language for international students: grammar, reading, speaking, and comprehensive Japanese.
The grammar class aims to teach students how to understand the grammar of the Japanese language and how to utilize it in everyday life and academic contexts. Students also learn a lot of kanji characters and vocabulary at the same time.

Japanese Class

The reading class aims to develop the students’ abilities to read rather difficult texts such as newspaper articles or academic papers and textbooks.

The speaking class aims to help the students understand and learn to use the various spoken language styles of the Japanese language, such as with regard to levels of formality, respect, and gender. Students are required to code-switch between the plain-style and polite-style, according to the persons listening to their speech.
The comprehensive Japanese class aims to help the students become accustomed to utilizing all the four basic skills of language; listening, reading, speaking and writing. Students are required to do some research or interviews in order to write their own reports and essays, and to give oral presentations. Students also work together frequently to carry out project-work.

Japanese Language and Culture Program 

Seisen offers short-term intensive programs in Japanese language and culture for students from our partner universities. Students who participate in these programs can enjoy opportunities not only to learn the Japanese language comprehensively, but also to meet with young people and to experience Japanese culture, both traditional and contemporary.