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International Exchange Program


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Study at Seisen University (Exchange Program)

Students at the partner institutions can study at Seisen for six months (one semester) or for a year (two semesters) as exchange students or visiting students.  Seisen offers tuition and fee waiver benefits for exchange students for some of the partner institutions. Applicants for admission as exchange students or visitng students are required to have a basic level of Japanese proficiency.



The students are assigned an academic advisor from the department in which they enroll; however they have the liberty of selecting classes across different departments, following their interdisciplinary study plan. Each student is also assigned a Japanese student as a buddy who can help with things in everyday life as well as with classes.  Transcripts will be issued to the exchange students after the completion of their studies.

Seisen Reisen-Kai Scholarship

Upon recommendation by a partner university or college, Seisen Reisen-Kai Scholarship is offered to one exchange student (undergraduate) per partner institution. The amount is ¥40,000 per month, and can be offered for up to 10 months.

【Welcome to Seisen!(In Japanese with English subtitles )】(4'37")
Video made by Seisen students.  Please see and feel our friendly atmosphere!

Application for the Exchange Program

Please go to the following page and check under "Exchange Students" for details.

My Study Abroad Experience at Seisen University

My name is Donnaya from Assumption University, Thailand. I started my exchange program in fall semester 2014-2015.

It was such a good experience ever studying at Seisen University, I got a lot of friends (Japanese / Taiwanese / Thai), teachers are also kind to me, when I couldn't understand the lessons, they tried to explain to me slowly which could help me a lot.

Of course, there was some hard time living in Japan alone but when time got past, I could get used to with it. Once I understood their culture / lifestyle, I found out that I could stay happy without troublesome.


sisa_seisen festival

Apart of study, I also joined the SISA club where I can made Japanese friends, sometimes we had lunch together or took a short trip around Tokyo. A good thing is we still keep in touch to each others.
After I came back to Thailand, I finished my last semester and graduated in December 2015. In April 2016 until present I came back to Japan again. This time I came for work. I work as a translator and general affair staff in sales department for KCC company known as LeTao, a well known cheesecake shop in Hokkaido.

【Testimonials from Taiwanese students(In Japanese with English subtitles)】 (2'20")
Listen to what former exchange students from Taiwan have to say about Seisen!