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Student Categories

Regular Students

Regular students are those who study as undergraduates at Seisen for four years. They belong to one of the five departments and seek a diploma at the time of graduation. Applicants for admission as regular students are required to be high school graduates or seniors due to graduate by the time of enrollment at Seisen, or who have equivalent qualifications. Students who are accepted as candidates for admission are then selected on the basis of a competitive examination. For more information regarding the examination and admissions, please see the Seisen home page:
Regular students whose mother tongue is not Japanese are expected to show a satisfactory proficiency in Japanese, sufficient to understand lectures taught in Japanese and participate in discussions in Japanese. In addition, applicants should take the special examination for international students, consisting of a Japanese language test, an essay in Japanese based on a given theme, and a personal interview. The examination takes place in October. For more detailed information, contact the International Center at

Transfer Students

Students who wish to become regular students and have completed one or more years of college work at another institution may apply for admission as transfer students. Qualifications are the same as those for regular students.

Exchange Students

Exchange students are those international students from any of Seisen’s partner universities overseas with whom Seisen has reached an agreement to mutually exchange students. Exchange students are accepted for a short period of time, normally a semester or two, without being entitled to receive a diploma. Exchange students are allowed to choose classes for credits flexibly, across all departments, based on their interests and depending on their ability to understand the language, without having to belong to any particular academic department.
Applicants for admission as exchange students are required to have a basic level of Japanese proficiency, although they may select mainly English-taught classes and Japanese classes for foreign learners. For more detailed information regarding applications, please contact the International Center at
If it is not clear whether an applicant’s college or university has a partnership with Seisen, she should check with the office of her institution.

Research Students

Students who have completed their undergraduate work and hold at least a Bachelor’s degree may seek admission as Research Students to pursue some special study at the university. The status is for one year, with the possibility of extension to two years upon review at the end of the year. The work done as a Research Student does not count towards a degree.


Auditor status permits students to sit in on courses without otherwise participating. Applicants for the status of auditor must present evidence of high school graduation. Auditor status is granted for a period of one year and only for courses for which specific permission is granted by the instructor and the chairman of the department, with faculty meeting approval. No university credit is given for work done as an auditor.

Graduate School Students

The completion of undergraduate degree status is required. Entrance examinations for the Master’s programs are given in October and February every year. The Doctoral program examination is given only in February. International applicants are required to take the appropriate examination. Students can also apply as special research students or auditors. The graduate school MA and PhD programs are open to both men and women.